Bcnpress, as a comprehensive communication agency, accompanies and works alongside its clients in the search for the best communication solutions to ensure all brands reach their targets. We really are a 360-degree agency with a multidisciplinary team, which allows us to guarantee quality communications.


  • Design and creativity

    The visual image projected by a company transmits (often without us noticing) a series of very specific messages. It is important for these messages to be in line with the philosophy and values of our organisation.

  • Press Office

    Media coverage allows companies and organisations to benefit from a double positive effect: firstly, their messages are magnified through the powerful loudspeaker of the media. Secondly, an extra level of credibility and legitimacy is added that is more difficult to achieve through the use of advertising.

  • Online Marketing

    Online marketing strategies are closely linked to content creation and, on many occasions, also to graphic design. This means it is advisable to adopt a case-by-case approach and use a global perspective to incorporate the different strands of marketing.

  • Publicity and direct marketing

    We have an in-depth knowledge of the media world, which facilitates our planning and management of marketing campaigns. We choose the most appropriate means for each client, and if our goal is to measure the result on a specific target audience, direct marketing action is the best tactic.